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ADHD Coaching 

Through coaching, you will receive individualized support to help you reach your goals, accountability in every step of the journey and an optimized approach to organizing and managing your time and priorities. 

Why ADHD coaching? 

At EF Specialists, we understand the power of coaching and use the best practices from a range of disciplines to in supporting you toward reaching your goals. Through a combination of solution-focused questioning, the cultivation of resource-based thinking and reverse engineering, we will help you chart a pathway to ideal destination, while practicing the skills and habits necessary to remain successful when you arrive. 

It all starts with the miracle question: if we were to be chatting in three to six months, what would have happened for you to feel like hiring us what the best investment in your life? This simple, but profound question, will help you uncover your goals for the coaching process and identify the key steps you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to move toward your vision of success. 

Along the way, you will enhance your executive function and learn key strategies in skills that will make ADHD your superpower, not your enemy. These may include learning how to:  

  • Identify the appropriate systems to track your To Do's, milestones and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) 

  • Engineer a pathway to completing just about anything you put your mind to

  • Identify tasks that are in your zone of proximal development to maintain motivation 

  • Leverage a coach or accountability partner to increase our productivity 

  • Establish community around you to support your goal-orientated behaviors 

  • And more! 

ADHD coaching is a designed alliance that focuses on your fulfillment, balance and process, while always keeping your well-being at the forefront of the coaching relationship. We look forward to helping you begin the journey.  

"Sean was incredibly helpful when I was juggling multiple projects at work. He was able observe and create a workflow that significantly reduced my stress/ anxiety for me… which in turn made me a more efficient and happy employee. Would highly recommend!!"  

Russell, San Francisco | Engineer at Leading U.S. Drone Manufacturer

Want to discuss a plan for you? 

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